Celebrating the prolific life of a black serial inventor

Dr. Joseph N. Jackson pictured beside a remote control (Source: The Black Detour)

The little people

It was the early 1940s in Harvey, Louisiana, just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. A precocious black boy about five years old is positioned in front of a large radio in his living room transfixed by the strange voices coming from his favorite electronic device. He always wondered where these voices came from and on this particular day, with a clear coast and an insatiable curiosity, he was determined to find out once and for all.

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“I can’t breathe…my stomach hurts…my neck hurts…everything hurts”. These were some of the last words of George Floyd as he fought for his life between labored breaths on May 25th, 2020. As I write now, Floyd’s death is the most recent fatal case of police brutality known to the American public. Yet, his plight is part of an old American tradition that was initiated on the day our noble forefathers invented the concept of race and his final plea is a black anthem that captures the physical and emotional pain that we have endured since then.

Ground Rules

There is SO much…

The untold story of the Pullman Porters and their impact on American society

Pullman porter photographed at Chicago Union Station, 1943 (Source: Library of Congress)

Civil Hospitality

It was mid-1860s and the dust was still settling from the wreckage of the American Civil War. Slavery was no longer on the social menu, but the American people could still feel the bitter aftertaste in their psychological palate. …

Originally Published on LinkedIn on January 13, 2020

Happy New Year! (Yes, the year IS still “new”.) 2019 was a special year in many ways and I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my accomplishments throughout the year and open up about some of the challenges that I encountered along the way. My hope with this post is to share the highlights of the year and to shed some light on how it informs my outlook today. I hope that my story proves valuable to someone here.


In 2019, I burst onto the scene with one…

Me reviewing various forms of digital and analog identity: Driver’s license | Passport | Digital MEng diploma issued by MIT via Blockcerts | SolidVC: Verifiable Credentials framework developed for MEng thesis

My foray into the world of identity occurred on a rainy Valentine’s evening of ’96. This is the day I was born to two Nigerian Igbo parents in the Bronx. At the time, “my foray” was really that of my parents, who acted in my best interest as my trusted stewards. As they laid eyes on me for the first time, their Central Nervous System must have fired a starting pistol for an evening-long race among competing thoughts of gratitude, joy, and worry. …

When I landed in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea that it would bear so many similarities to Neil Armstrong’s arrival on the moon nearly a half century ago. Not only was I in celestial disarray after a two-part flight that totaled the widely prescribed dosage of time for a good night’s rest, I was indeed on a monumental mission that would come to represent “one giant leap for mankind.” …

Kayode Ezike

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